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Question: Could Bill O'Reilly get any stupider?
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Message #12, From: Yard Bird
To: Gingy ( Message #5 )
Tuesday, Jun 21 2005
7:14 a.m. PST

Oops, Gingy Biggotry is showing!

Rush invites the opposition on to his show, listens politely, questions politely and answers politely!

A Liberal was put to the front, and commenced to enumerate Rush's weaknesses, including his former drug dependancy!

Rush listened politely, till he had done his piece, then proceeded to chop his detractor into little pieces!

Clinton wouldn't come on with Rush, but claimed Rush didn't have a truth detector! Rush proceeded to chop Der Spin Meister into pathetic silence!

The Slick one didn't have questions over the air, and limited ones from a friendly Press Cop who valued their access to "Press Conferences!" WJC treated Wolf Blitzer rudely at the Ruth B Ginsberg introduction and wouldn't answer nor allow Wolf questions!

Rush's Truth Detector is on every day as he welcomes all callers! He puts Liberal callers to the front!

Chris Matthews reminds me of a spoiled Teddy Kennedy! A Clinton psychofant! A Barney Fag look alike! A Hillary worshiper! A rejected substitute for a Lib Matt Drudge!
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  • why are you talking about fags? isn't cheney's daughter gay? is that ok ...
    ....#13, Gingy, Jun 21 2005, 11:24 a.m. PST

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