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    Click on an icon to enter the debate area. Remember there are many interesting questions to discuss and vote within each area. The most popular question may be submitted after creation of this week's official poll.

    Unread You may see this icon displayed on top of a debate area icon. It indicates that the area contains unread message(s) addressed to you. Click on that debate area to investigate further. (You must use the Login URL given above to activate this feature.)
Official Weekly Polls
    At anytime, there are three active weekly polls. Two for voting, and one closing poll for discussion only. Each poll is created at midnight on Wednesday, stays open for two weeks of voting, then it is followed by one week of closing discussion. Afterwards it becomes inactive and is placed into the poll archive.
    The three poll tabs Current, Previous, and Closing selects the three currently active polls. When selected, the poll questions and their results are summarized in this display area. You may click on the "Vote" button to vote on the Current and Previous Polls. You may also click on the "Go to Square" (at the right of each question) to see the discussion and detailed results of each question.
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