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Our Mission

"One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind." --- Neil Armstrong

Communication is the first step toward solving many of the world's problems. This is because people must understand each other's point of view, opinion, and philosophy before a mutual agreement could be reached. But more importantly, the politicians must understand what the public majority wants in order to set new or change old laws. If we can take this simple first step of communication, then we are one giant leap closer to finding the real solutions.

This web site is dedicated to that first step. It combines message boards and polls into one integrated activity. While this idea may sound simple, it gives the public a very effective tool of communication, not only among the people themselves, but also from the people to their leaders and politicians. Here is how it works:

Anyone may propose multiple-choice poll questions for others to vote in. For each question, a message board is also created to discuss the issue. Over time, the polls and discussions will refine and improve. When a well-written poll question finally emerges with the majority agreeing on one choice, then the politicians will take notice.

You may think of this site as the congress for ordinary people. As long as the messages are free from obscenity, everyone is welcome to voice his or her opinion and vote. Also, not all issues are serious. Many discussions are light-hearted and entertaining.

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Debate Areas


Whether it's The President's latest sex scandal, the plan in Congress to change The Constitution, a controversial Supreme Court decision, broken election promises, or special interest group getting away with more tax payers' money, this is the place to express your opinion.


How can a society improve itself? It begins with citizens caring enough to discuss its problems and propose solutions. This area offers topics like education, crime and punishment, race relations, religion, consumer rights, frivilous lawsuits, and civil unrests.


Do you know how to keep yourself and your family healthy? Is it in the food you eat?  Or is it just genetics? Does exercise really help? These are the questions often asked but not always answered by research and studies. Let's discuss them here.

& Tech.

From outer space to planet earth, this area covers topics ranging from the space program to the environment. Computer hardware, software, and the Internet make up a new frontier for intellectual exploration and legal challenge. What ethical standards should apply to science?


Some say we now have less leisure time than previous generations. But today's leisure activities have improved qualities: big-budget movies, high fidelity music, 500 cable channels, and highly paid celebrities and players. Can quality compensate for quantity?


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